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Wot mt 25 guide

Feb 04, · This feature is not available right now. - posted in Gameplay: A Short Guide to the “ new” MT- 25 By: IrmaBecx So the MT- 25 got a new gun. T- 100 LT Review/ Guide,. But I always liked it. If you' re trying to brawl a heavily- armored tank from the front and needing APCR, you' re playing the MT- 25 wrong. Apr 01, · I have very rarely run into any situations where I had to use APCR with the 57, simply due to the fact that the MT- 25 has the speed and mobility to easily flank any heavily- armored opponents it encounters. Just like the Tetrarch, when the MT- 25 moves over obstacles ( fences, brick walls, etc. Jun 12, · World of Tanks MTKills 4K Damage Medals received: Defender, High Caliber, Top Gun. Важные советы МТ 25 wot - Duration: 14: 35. It’ s kind of cute, cute and boxy.

Please try again later. БАРАБЕКУС. Wot mt 25 guide. This tank' s mobility is probably the strongest point of the vehicle, try. Feb 18, · I' m a relatively experienced WoT playergames) and have done well on the chinese and french light tank lines but am currently flailing about at tier 6 with the russians. In this guide, I shall cover all of the various Pros and Cons of the MT- 25, explain the gun and equipment choices, and give a general overview of tips and hints you should follow when.
) it rapidly decelerates because of the way the suspension is designed. Apr 25, · A Short Guide to the " New" MT- 25 By: IrmaBecx - Updated! I’ ll tell you one thing, it certainly doesn’ t make the thing look any prettier, and it’ s not like it was much of a looker to begin with. The MT- 25 is a fast tank but its gun and camo is underwhelming and I always seem to get spotted in places that you wouldn' t even consider in a 13- 90 or WZ131.

The MT- 25 too big for the most effective passive scouting, however its sheer speed allows for easy active scouting. Jun 27, · ★ MT- 25 Review: Speed Demon, Drift King, Autoloader Mania ★ - posted in Game Guides and Tutorials: Whats fast as can be, drifts like a boss, and has the damn scariest autoloader youll ever face?

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