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Gluten free guide to paris

Gluten- Free in Paris – a website dedicated to discovering the best GF addresses in the city of carbs. Gluten Free Food in Paris. La Semaine du Sans Gluten – A weeks worth of seminars and events promoting gluten- free dining in Paris at 14 locations throughout the city. Biocoop is the most varied, although Naturalia has many shops. Foucade Paris is a chic patisserie in the 1st arrondissement that is resolutely gluten-, lactose-, and additive- free. If I can leave Paris with a full stomach, anyone can. Oct 26, · - Get to know the natural foods shops in Paris. Finding a place to eat gluten- free breakfast or lunch in Paris is very easy, but finding a place to have dinner is more difficult, as many of the restaurants and cafes listed aren’ t open for dinner, unless indicated. With Love – Allergen Free – a Facebook page with resources for those in France with food allergies.

Gluten free guide to paris. All carry gluten- free products and grains. Nov 07, · TIPS FOR EATING GLUTEN- FREE IN PARIS To make your gluten free trip to Paris more comfortable and happy, I have gleaned a few tips for you. Jul 13, · 100% Gluten- Free Restaurants in Paris. Even with booking ahead, all the chefs.

* Get some cards that explain gluten free eating in French, whether it is the Triumph cards, or the other cards available on the Internet, www. Well- known natural food stores in France include Naturalia, La Vie Claire, Bio C’ Bon, and Biocoop, and there is a branch of at least one in every neighborhood in the city. Jul 01, · For the super- gluten- free, Tramuta suggests Foucade Paris, a 100 percent gluten- free patisserie in the First Arrondissement with a focus on “ positive” pastries, for all things sweet. Everything is prepared following an in- house nutritional philosophy of nine principles, such as avoiding empty calories, reducing saturated fats, maximizing fruit and vegetable consumption, respecting nature, and minimizing waste.

So in this gluten free guide, I’ ll share the best gluten free options, some of my favorite restaurants in Paris and a few tips along the way. When I’ m traveling, I always research ahead of time a few things that are naturally gluten free.

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