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Guided reading activity pakistan and bangladesh

Pakistan and Bangladesh DIRECTIONS: Use the information in your textbook to fill in the blanks for the following sentences. In Bangladesh, most people are, an ethnic background they share with some of their neighbors in the Indian state of Bengal. What steps have the governments of Pakistan and Bangladesh taken to improve the environment? Start studying Chapter 26 Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Section 3: Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, and. In both countries, Islam is an important unifying force. Pakistan and Bangladesh. Guided reading activity pakistan and bangladesh.

Deforestation, mining for resources. 33 BL ELL Vocabulary Activity, URB* p. ) One Religion, Many Peoples Most of the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh are Muslims.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Geography Chapter 26 Review. Guided Reading Activity 24- 2 For use with textbook pages 611– 615.
Section 2: Pakistan and Bangladesh In what ways can conflict shape a country? BL ELL Guided Reading Activity, URB* p. 24 BL OL AL ELL Reinforcing Skills Activity, URB p. Compare this aspect of life in Pakistan and Bangladesh by reading the passage and then answering the questions that follow. Pakistan faced a violent beginning while Hindus moved to India and Muslims to Pakistan; India’ s parliamentary government enabled it to pursue a foreign policy of nonalignment, but internal struggles led to poverty, overpopulation, and violence against the Sikh minority; Pakistan and Bangladesh have. ( See Skillbuilder Handbook, page R3.

What kinds of human activity have affected the environment in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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