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Alere cholestech ldx quick reference guide

Alere cholestech ldx quick reference guide. The LDX provides a convenient CLIA WAIVED diagnostic system for point- of- care testing applications to aid in the identification and management of heart disease and diabetes. Print Name of Institution/ Facility. To run a test, just add a sample to the cassette and place it in the Analyzer. The Analyzer will be disabled until another optics check has been run that falls within range.

8289 Limitations Hematocrit Lipid limits. Intended to familiarize and instruct the user in the proper use and care of the Alere Cholestech LDX ®. If the numbers for any of the four channels fall outside the ranges printed on the Optics Check Cassette label, the Analyzer will shut down. Page 2 Setup Test Procedure Take the time to examine and familiarize yourself with the contents of the Alere Cholestech LDX ® System. Open the Drawer Perform a Fingerstick Collect the Sample Dispense the Sample Connecting the Alere Configuration Menu Cholestech LDX Analyzer.

Susan Ravagni, MT ( ASCP) Print Name of Trainer Signature of Trainer Date. Brad Mcintyre Print Name of Trainee Signature of Trainee Date. It is easy to use, and gives fast Cholestech Corporation and our distributors will provide every customer with technical Quick Reference Guide and reliable results. Using patented, innovative technology, the Cholestech LDX System measures the levels of TC, HDL and triglycerides, calculates the TC/ HDL ratio and estimates of LDL and VLDL. The Alere Cholestech LDX Quick Reference Guide provides concise details of the Alere Cholestech LDX system components, set up, and testing procedures. You may also contact us at www. Cholestech LDX System Procedure Manual < TABLE OF CONTENTS I For Information Only R Recommended Optional InformationO 5. Page 1 Introduction The Cholestech LDX is a small, portable analyzer and test cassette system. Alere™ Product Support: 1.

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