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Jul 28, · The Mezquita is a huge mosque- cathedral with many layers of history and cultures, We were concerned it would be confusing so we signed up for the guided tour. Festival of the Courtyards of Cordoba. Guided tour options range from an hourlong history tour focused on the cathedral and former mosque to a half- day walking tour with stops at other Cordoba monuments such as the Castle of Catholic Monarchs ( Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos) and the ancient synagogue of the Jewish Quarter. Apr 23, · Guided tours of the Mezquita is usually just over an hour, which is sufficient to see the highlights. Tours that include a climb of the tower, which is done unguided, usually allow for an hour extra time. Afterwards, tour members may stay longer inside if preferred.
Tour At la Mezquita with Estefania” Reviewed on January 07,. Besides having an excellent English level, she demostrated a very advanced historical knowledge about this unique. We are glad we did, as our guide explained the different stages of the building chronologically and. We completed the guided tour in English at la Mezquita with Estefania, our guide. How can the answer be improved? It seems as if the place that the Mosque- Cathedral of Cordoba occupies nowadays was dedicated, from ancient times, to the cult of different divinities.
Mezquita guided tou. Guided tour to Medina Azahara - Educational Centers Private Guide + Headphones With this type of visit your students will get to know Medina Azahara in an entertaining history, symbol of al- Andalus with the establishment of the Independent Caliphate. Mezquita ( Mosque- Cathedral) Tours.
In this same place, and during the Visigoth occupation, another building was constructed, the “ San Vicente” Basilic.

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