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This forms a base for good nutrition and. Recommended Daily Nutrition Guide i pulmarcini/ iStock/ Getty Images Your immune system, brain, muscles, bones and cells in all your body tissues need daily doses of vital nutrients to function properly. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation available regarding a proper diet for athletes. Daily nutrition guide. The FSC has outlined the composition and labelling requirements for food.

Everything You Need to Know About Probiotics. The reference values used for the Daily Intake Guide are based on those provided in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code ( FSC). There are millions of living creatures in our respiratory system, digestive system. Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables daily. Daily Intake Levels. There is a host of microorganisms living inside our bodies.

Make grains, fruits, and vegetables the foundation of your meals. Following these four guidelines builds a base for healthy eating. Nutrition is an integral part of peak performance while an inadequate diet and lack of fuel can limit an athlete’ s potential for maximum performance.

Let the Food Guide Pyramid guide you so that you get the nutrients your body needs each day. According to the FSC, a balanced diet for an average adult is made up of the following nutrients each day:. In the quest for success, many athletes will try any dietary regimen or nutritional. Keep food safe to eat. The amount of calories and servings of food that your child needs every day is based on several factors; age, gender and activity level.

Daily Nutrition Guide It is very important that your child gets the proper amount of calories and nutrients in order for him/ her to function at an optimum level.

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