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Skylanders superchargers trophy guide

Welcome to Skylanders Superchargers! Sep 27, · This video shows some gameplay with Kaos his air vehicle the Doom Jet. Buying a starter pack will not be enough to achieve all of the trophies.

Skylanders superchargers trophy guide. Out of all the Skylanders games, this is the one that requires the most extra accessories. This can be unlocked by owning the Kaos trophy that comes as part of the dark edition. The Air and Sea Vehicle Stars are skippable, but every level will have a Land Vehicle Star that is required for level.
This guide will go in- depth about all the necessary accessories that are needed for the platinum. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the trophies for Skylanders: SuperChargers in the most comprehensive trophy guide on the internet. Eon' s Elite Complete Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty Regulars to this series will know what to expect for this difficulty based trophy but for newcomers, be prepared to watch out for the tiny chompies as they will destroy you in a few hits ( especially during the 19th chapter' s boss fight). Oct 18, · Trophy Guide: SuperCharged Earn all other trophies You did it, well done! Jan 30, · Skylanders: SuperChargers is an action platformer with RPG and driving elements. With the basic Skylanders Superchargers Start Pack, the only vehicle you get is a Land Vehicle, and every level in the game has a Land, Air, and Sea Vehicle Star.
Skylanders SuperChargers Trophy Guide By ItsDrFizzles •. Like its predecessors, the game is a " toy- to- life" where players place toy figures on the Portal of Power which allows them to be playable characters in- game.

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